Blog writing – the frustration theory

The experts insist website content is the key to digital marketing, particularly SEO and social media, but what the hell are you meant to write about? Here’s a little guide that should apply to any business and help you invent fresh topics for blog writing. In what is the latest in a long line of blogs about blog writing, I’m going to dazzle you with a ground-breaking concept that will not only blow your mind but also become the impetus for all my future blogs on the Blak Ink Media site.

I’ve heard there are WordPress security issues – is that true?

WordPress has a bad reputation due to horror stories about websites being hacked, and a few clients have even experienced this themselves. We hope to dispel this myth since WordPress is completely secure and reliable when set up right, which is what we do for our web development clients. It is true that somewhere in the world, a WordPress site is getting hacked right now, but this is usually due to a combination of two factors: its massive market share and abandoned installs. Premeditated or personal attacks are rare, as are attacks on fully updated active websites.

The Start-up business guide to professional copywriting

Being a professional copywriter can sometimes feel like a thankless task. We’re like the wallflowers at the marketing party, always a secondary consideration. Design is the belle of the ball. Everyone is instantly attracted to beautiful visuals. But here’s the thing… You may be attracted to a brand due to its imagery, but that brand cannot speak without words. Copywriters are the brand’s voice.

Why SEO services will dominate digital marketing in 2017

It was easy for a while. There were thousands of us providing SEO services and making good money for what was, in all honesty, a simple process. For the most part, it was banana chairs and margaritas here at Blak Ink headquarters. We didn’t even need a website. Then Google decided we had to work for a living. The algorithm changed and suddenly terrible things started happening: it became fair, logical, and helpful to users.

SEO basics – 6 reasons you don’t need an SEO company

The first step in understanding SEO basics is learning when it’s not the right time to invest. Right now, across the globe, thousands of companies are throwing their money away—precious dollars they could be spending on improvements to their products and services, developing their talent or promoting their brand.