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The executive’s guide to Digital Marketing – #2: website usability and conversion

In our second digital marketing guide for executives, we focus on conversion. All investment should be justified by budgets, and those budgets are set according to projected traffic and conversion. But to enjoy great conversion, we must create user journeys and excellent usability.

The executive’s guide to Digital Marketing – #1: Getting started

Digital marketing is not the future. It’s the now. If your business isn’t profiting from its website, the organisation is probably missing out on an important revenue stream. But it isn’t surprising that many executives and business owners see digital marketing as complex and daunting.

The Apple Watch, Siri and me – a digital ménage à trois

I was in a meeting last week discussing budgets and tax when I suddenly pressed the button on my Apple Watch and asked: ‘Siri, what’s 15% of 3,667?’. Her voice politely answered, “The answer is 550.05”. You could have heard a pin drop. There were varying reactions. One person clearly thought I was a complete wanker, one wanted to scream ‘take my money!’, and the other was wondering why someone who possessed supernatural powers would waste their time in online marketing.

After the party’s over – post-launch outbound marketing activities for Cambodian businesses

Every business experiences the post-launch blues. Don’t let it get you down. The most sustainable and profitable audience is yet to be built. Let’s get things rolling quickly with popular outbound marketing activities that will boost traffic and leads. In case you’re wondering, in online marketing, the difference between ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ is fairly self-explanatory: inbound is when the customer comes to you; outbound is when you go to them.

Search engines 1:01 – what is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

We get it. Compared to design, videos and social media, a list of web addresses and descriptions may seem pretty boring. Try explaining search engines to the uninitiated. Fingers start drumming on desks and eyes glaze over. But hang in there folks because SEO is by far the most effective online marketing channel. It may not seem sexy, but the ROI is very stimulating. Somehow I’ve managed to explain it in under 1,000 words and without any technical jargon. That’s not easy!

Blog writing – the frustration theory

The experts insist website content is the key to digital marketing, particularly SEO and social media, but what the hell are you meant to write about? Here’s a little guide that should apply to any business and help you invent fresh topics for blog writing. In what is the latest in a long line of blogs about blog writing, I’m going to dazzle you with a ground-breaking concept that will not only blow your mind but also become the impetus for all my future blogs on the Blak Ink Media site.

The Start-up business guide to professional copywriting

Being a professional copywriter can sometimes feel like a thankless task. We’re like the wallflowers at the marketing party, always a secondary consideration. Design is the belle of the ball. Everyone is instantly attracted to beautiful visuals. But here’s the thing… You may be attracted to a brand due to its imagery, but that brand cannot speak without words. Copywriters are the brand’s voice.

Why SEO services will dominate digital marketing in 2017

It was easy for a while. There were thousands of us providing SEO services and making good money for what was, in all honesty, a simple process. For the most part, it was banana chairs and margaritas here at Blak Ink headquarters. We didn’t even need a website. Then Google decided we had to work for a living. The algorithm changed and suddenly terrible things started happening: it became fair, logical, and helpful to users.

SEO basics – 6 reasons you don’t need an SEO company

The first step in understanding SEO basics is learning when it’s not the right time to invest. Right now, across the globe, thousands of companies are throwing their money away—precious dollars they could be spending on improvements to their products and services, developing their talent or promoting their brand.