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Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks

Blak Ink Media puts brand perception above all considerations. Every element displayed to potential customers or clients must present your business as a confident, professional and reliable brand. One unprofessional picture is enough to tarnish your brand name and reduce confidence in your services or products, so Blak Ink Media strongly recommends investing in an experienced photographer with only the best equipment.

When considering the most cost-efficient but effective type of professional media to use, photography is at the top of the list for many reasons. Hundreds of photos can be produced in a short time, and each photo can be repurposed for use on websites, content marketing, social media, and advertising. Many of our clients are still using our photos, years after the images were captured.

We usually recommend a two-day shoot to make sure we can cover enough locations and ensure customers understand the lifecycle of your products or services, user journey, the quality of your team, presentation and packaging, the efficiency of your workplace, and the leading authorities within your executive group. All these factors help to create excellent content and advertising material to use on multiple campaigns across traditional and digital media channels.

Blak Ink Media uses Canon equipment and we professionally light scenes for high-quality photos, guaranteeing every image is rich in detail and colour. All our original photos are delivered in multiple dimensions, file sizes and file types to ensure your internal marketing team has the ability to manipulate, enhance or combine images.

Take a tour of our portfolio of professional images to see how our photographic services have enhanced the brands of Cambodian businesses.

In addition to our photography services, Blak Ink also has a huge repository of stock images to compliment our original photos.