Blak Ink Media’s Co-Director, Jeefunk Mitchell worked with the talented Golden Duck scriptwriting team on the TV special 19 Reasons To Love If You Are The One, which introduced SBS’ national audience to the phenomenon that is China’s most popular dating show. Comedy writing is considered one of the hardest tasks in the television industry, but the writing team successfully created an entertaining, fast-paced program that attracted a large audience.

Jeefunk who is best known as co-writer on SBS’ Pizza, provided his usual abstract and quirky style to the TV special, which featured some of Australia’s top celebrities. Unfortunately during the four weeks of intense research and writing, he became addicted to watching the dating show, and will probably require therapy.

Project Details

Client: Golden Duck

Date: April 16, 2016


Jeefunk Mitchell’s comedy writing has been in demand for two decades and includes co-writing the infamous Australian series, ‘Pizza’ which was SBS’ most popular locally produced TV series, and was nominated for three Logie awards (the Aussie version of the Emmys). But there are very few gigs he’s enjoyed as much as '19 Reason To Love...' which involved collaborating with the Golden Duck writing team. Preparing a script is always hard work, but in this case it was also a lot of fun.
By the end of the writing process the three scriptwriters were obsessed with their subject matter: the Chinese dating show, “If You Are The One”. It’s the most popular dating show in the world, and also one of the most entertaining shows on the planet, regardless of genre. The production team did a great job of sourcing Australian celebrities and past contestants to appear in the SBS special, and the program was resounding success for Golden Duck and SBS.

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