Bassaka Air is a Cambodian airline offering domestic flights to Siem Reap and international flights to destinations in Asia. The current Bassaka Air website is based on designs by Blak Ink Media and the motion graphics in the airline’s promotional video were updated by Blak Ink Media’s post-production team.

Project Details

Client: Bassaka Air

Date: July 22, 2019


Working with the airline's marketing team, Blak Ink Media created the initial conceptual designs that informed the design of the current Bassaka Air website. Blak Ink Media specialises in clean, simple and functional websites that ensure usability is the highest priority, and our design for Bassaka Air was no exception. Created by Co-Director and Head of Design and Development Joe Ogden, the concept places the airline among the online offerings of world class airlines.
Bassaka Air also required updates to its corporate video to display new routes and destinations. This required further post production and motion graphics, which were provided by Blak Ink's Co-Director and Head of Marketing Jeefunk Mitchell who has more than a decade of video and post production experience. Blak Ink Media now offers fully animated videos that bring design elements and brands to life.

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