Glenn ‘Jeefunk’ Mitchell gets his nerd on at The Dubs – Australia’s finest financial content marketing agency, and the home of one of the top finance blogs in the country. Blak Ink’s captain digs deep into the digital depths to unravel online mysteries for the agency’s official blog, predicting technological futures and providing scathing critiques.

Project Details

Client: The Dubs

Date: July 21, 2016


Jeefunk Mitchell has enjoyed a long relationship with The Dubs – the agency that took him in as an online editor and introduced him to web development. The Dubs is an amazing agency that has the ability to seamlessly evolve. It now focuses on content marketing for the finance sector. It also has a very entertaining blog that is the perfect go-to for Aussie businesses that need to stay on trend and learn the latest technology news.
Having collaborated with Jeefunk on copy, ad concepts and scripts, The Dubs invited him to have a little fun on the blog, and the results are as entertaining as they are educational. So far the Blak Ink director has covered topics such as the Fintech Revolution, the Dark Web, virtual reality, Twitter trolls, digital art, and news vs the blogosphere (yes, he predicted the fake news epidemic).

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