GetJackD! Media is a successful Australian¬†media team that works with some of Australia’s leading brands. For the past three years, the agency has worked with Jeefunk Mitchell, Blak Ink Media’s expert in marketing copywriting and SEO. The scope work is set to grow, with new web development projects on the roadmap.

Blak Ink Media clients - GetJackD! Media
Project Details

Client: GetJackD! Media

Date: July 25, 2016


Blak Ink Media's Jeefunk Mitchell has worked with the talented GetJackD! Media team on projects for the marketing, construction and finance industries. His roles have been diverse, including projects as a marketing copywriter, SEO and user experience consultant. We're looking forward to broadening the scope of our work with GetJackD! to include our quality web development services, which are fast becoming a popular choice for Australian businesses and agencies.
GetJackD! Media not only creates and executes marketing campaigns for top Aussie brands. It also takes an active role in educating the next generation of marketers. With the industry becoming increasingly specialised and complex, it's the perfect time to create an online educational hub. The GetJackD! Method is a comprehensive resource that gives small businesses and students access to great techniques. The Method's extensive resource material was edited by Blak Ink Media.

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