Zapdat is an exciting Australian start-up providing a simple solution to document management that focuses on automating document workflow including email alerts, version control and cloud storage. For professionals working with documents, it can literally save hundreds of hours each year. Blak Ink Media has been with Zapdat from the start, initially creating SEO strategy and optimised web copy, and more recently providing brochure design. As the web-based application evolves, Blak Ink will provide digital marketing and front-end development solutions.

Zapdat brochure design
Project Details

Client: Zapdat

Date: April 27, 2018


Anyone who has ever worked with documents knows how frustratingly repetitive it can get. Zapdat works on the principle that anything repetitive can be automated. The key to Zapdat is the simplicity of the system. Unlike its complicated competitors, it can be set up in minutes and quickly become a workable solution. Blak Ink Media has created web content that will put the brand in a strong position to perform well on search engines as Zapdat starts to apply a more aggressive marketing strategy.
As the business rapidly evolves their innovative software, Blak Ink Media is helping with B2B activity. Blak Ink Media's Joe Ogden created the bold, fresh graphic design for this Zapdat A5 brochure. Our future plans with the business include web design, digital marketing strategies, social media planning, PPC advertising, customer relation management and video production. We’re firm believers in the value of Zapata’s offering and we’re looking forward to being a part of this start-up’s success.

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