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I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.

Lindon Leader

Beautiful, functional and maintained with the highest service levels, Blak Ink Media provides true end-to-end web solutions. From initial branding, concepts and architecture through to the highest level of coding and intuitive user experiences, our agency creates websites that maximise conversion and boost brands.

Head of Development, Joe Ogden, leads a development team featuring professionals who have worked with businesses in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and the UK. Whether it’s a global brand like Mastercard or local initiative like Cambodia’s Wing, our experts have delivered web experiences designed to perfection and built to last.

Branding and Design

We’re responsible for hundreds of logos, ad designs, business cards, social media graphics, digital flyers, brochures, email signatures, newsletters and more. We create clear, bold imagery to communicate each message clearly, building positive brand perception and ensuring you enjoy successful campaigns. Take the next step with a highly professional team that provides beautiful designs assets, perfectly tailored to represent your brand and appeal to your demographic.

Web Development

Blak Ink Media considers website performance to be a feature, so we create highly functional sites with the fastest load times, intuitive user experience and robust hosting. We specialise in WordPress website development services but can also deliver any custom solution you require. We are firm believers in scalability and streamlined workflow. We help you cut costs by automating, and increase sales by offering customers the finest online experience. Increase the visibility of your brand with Blak Ink Media.

Support and Security

Blak Ink Media is proud of our commitment to the stability, maintenance and security of our clients’ websites and data. Our team adheres to strict service agreements to deliver maximum uptime. We handle all hosting requirements and ongoing support, ensuring your users are always secure and have access to a fully functional site on all devices and browsers. Don’t risk your brand. Use a hosting solution where accountability and personal service is guaranteed.

Project management

As a certified Scrum Master and holder of a Diploma in Project Management, Blak Ink Media’s PM handles all project management methodologies, from classic Waterfall to Agile. You’ll be guided through every process, from ideation and scoping to launch and maintenance. All clients have access to our system for up-to-date status reports. This is world-class project management, using the most sophisticated task management tools.


Once you enter the world of E-Commerce, your web design, development and security must rise to a new level. The handling of credit cards and personal information requires 100% watertight processing and storage. User interface design can make or break a business by reducing or boosting conversion. Blak Ink Media loves E-Commerce, understands its challenges and has the experience to deliver solutions that are fast, secure, and easy to use.

Copy and Content Production

Every great logo has an equally effective tag line. Design and content are inseparable, working hand-in-hand to define your brand and build your audience. Blak Ink Media excels in all forms of production including copy, photography and video. Not only do we create the highest quality content; we also know how to expose it to new audiences using social media, SEO and advanced content marketing practices. Make sure your customers get the right message.