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So you’ve decided you need a new website or a redesign. The first thing you’ll ask is: what’s the process? At Blak Ink Media, our website development services give you the choice of two options: 1/ a custom design and build; or 2/ a design based on an existing WordPress theme. Usually clients will opt for a theme as this saves time and money. Let’s walk you through that process now.

Setting goals and gathering requirements

wordpress website development servicesThe first step is to discuss your needs. What are the goals of your website design or redesign? What interactive functionality does your website need?

Your website functionality could be a simple contact form, member login system, online quotations, or e-commerce (shopping cart). Each of these would have their own unique requirements depending on your business needs. Usually the best approach is to keep things simple, so we’ll make recommendations that ensure you get the most out of your website without breaking the bank.

We also have to figure out if you need to be able to easily update your website, if you have an in-house team, or if you would be leaving the site static once it is built. Often you would want to at least be able to edit the text on pages or add new blogs for content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. There’s also the technical side – web hosting and maintenance comes standard in our quotations because we believe it’s important to make sure your site continues to be fast, safe and secure.

Proposal and costs

Once we’ve established your requirements, we’ll create a proposal and that includes costs. Most projects are a fixed price based on the time we estimate will be needed to complete the project. If the project requires a lot of custom development, we may instead quote an hourly rate, as custom development can be a very open-ended process depending what advanced features/functionality you require. The quotation will also include the on-going monthly maintenance and web hosting fees, and costs for any required premium WordPress theme and plugins used in your website build.

After you agree on the scope of work and the fees, and pay a 50% deposit on the project costs, we can then commence work on the project itself.

Expect it to go something like this…

The website design and development phase

  1. We first prepare recommendations for themes, plugins and content, with mock-ups of 2-3 proposed design concepts/layouts to aid the initial theme selection. It takes approximately 3-5 days to create these concepts.
  2. Then we organise or create content for the website, source photos and imagery, identify areas that need to be adapted to fit your available content, or any compromises to make regarding the website layout or functionality. This is where we need your help. You are the expert on your business, so give us everything you have. You can also hire us for content creation, be it copywriting for new content, copy editing based on your existing content, professional photography, and video production. This can take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks, depending on what you’ve already prepared, and the overall scale of your website.
  3. We’ll commence the website build and setup. Your website will be built on a demo server you can access any time. We’ll spend about 7-10 days building the average WordPress website, with larger sites taking 2-3 weeks.
  4. We then refine, add final content, tweak and test the website. Once the main build is done, it’s time for you to review and let us know any tweaks or changes. This is also when we’d finalise any content and replace any placeholders as we prepare for launch.
  5. The final stage is our standard on-site SEO tweaks, performance optimisation, and security settings. This gives you a reliable foundation and takes 1-2 days to complete.
  6. Launch time. We set the website live at the designated domain name on the web hosting server. Ideally this is from our hosting partners at This is also when the balance of the project fees are due.
  7. Moving onto maintenance, monitoring and support. We don’t abandon you once the website is launched, and with our maintenance plan we regularly check your website to update the core software and plugins, performance and security settings stay in place. As part of the website maintenance plan we’re also happy to make any minor changes on an on-going basis for those of you that are terrified by the idea of making updates yourself.

This outlines the general website building process for our WordPress website development services. It can be fun and exciting creating a new site, and the launch is only the beginning of your journey – then it’s time for you to market it (social media, SEO, content marketing) or advertise it (AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads) and start using your website to dramatically increase leads and new business.